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  1. Mark Bellamy - CerealsServing Lincolnshire’s farmers with the very best agronomy advice and services in order to be able to produce healthy food, profitably and with minimum environmental impact, has been the backbone of Farmacy plc’s business for the last two decades.

    “Our ethos is to set new standards within the industry through a close working relationship with our farmer clients by providing cutting edge agronomy advice and services on all aspects of arable, vegetable and specialist crop production,” says Director, Mark Bellamy.

  2. Drilling The highest yield responses from precision agronomy are likely to come from variable seed rates in combinable crops, suggests new research.

    Growers should consider new technology to calculate accurate seed rates for variable rate drilling this autumn, says Farmacy chairman Mike Young. Farmacy trials across the country this year achieved big yield increases in both winter and spring combinable crops, he adds.

  3. David HowardMore accuracy with seed rates can lead to better establishment in variably drilled crops – with higher yields being the main aim.

    Seed establishment across different soil types, even in the same field, can be highly variable and growers should consider, rotation, soil health, nutrition, establishment method and a host of other variables, according to agronomy company, Farmacy.

  4. 772017 59577 (Stowbridge Open Day)

    More than 40 growers attended a recent Farmacy trials demonstration day at Marsh Larder, Harleston in Norfolk, by kind permission of Lewis Partners.

    Disease pressure at the demonstration site has been far higher latterly than during the dry conditions of last spring, said agronomist Dan Robinson, speaking at the event.

    Wheat plots treated with a good robust standard fungicide and PGR programme looked healthy and full of potential, although there had been significant septoria infection of untreated wheat plots due to unsettled weather through June.

    Due to the higher disease pressure he believed that yield benefits from fungicide treatments at the Harleston site were likely to significantly exceed last year.

  5. Charles Wright2018 Food & Farming Industry Awards Agronomist of the Year Charles Wright gives Frances Wright an insight into the life of the modern agronomist.

    Good agronomy is about providing a tailor-made service according to customer requirements, says Farmacy agronomist Charles Wright, who was named Agronomist of the Year at the 2018 Food and Farming Industry Awards.

    Born on a farm, agriculture has always been in his DNA – despite studying for a degree in geography at the University of Hull, the draw of farming was always strong and he returned to the sector.