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  1. David HowardAt a recent open day at the Farmacy Harleston demonstration site in Norfolk, hosted by Lewis Partners, there was much discussion around the benefits and agronomic challenges associated with using higher seed rates for wheat when pushing for higher yields.

    “Through the work in the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN), we know that achieving higher yields is all about having enough plants and ears per square metre, and creating and maintaining that crop biomass to push for the higher yields," said David Howard, Farmacy Technical Manager. 

  2. TerraMap 2w1lFarmacy chairman Mike Young’s advice is to take the time now to consider how best to optimise variable rate inputs for this autumn, with new technology such as TerraMap offering a genuine opportunity to enhance the benefits of precision agronomy.

    He highlights the results of Farmacy trials across the country this year which have demonstrated

  3. John Chamberlain Potatoes

    Favourable growing conditions so far this season have boosted prospects for the 2019 potato crop, as Farmers Guardian discovers in the second of our series following agronomist John Chamberlain from Farmacy through the season. 

     East Anglia: John Chamberlain, Farmacy

    Principal crops: processing, some salads, soft/set skin, baking potatoes

    After a dry spring, last month’s rain came just in time for potato growers in south east England, boosting 

  4. 280918-Ben-Pledger-150x150The rain in the run-up to Cereals was welcomed by most in this area. We didn’t have as much as Lincolnshire, but the heavy rain did have me questioning whether reducing the second plant growth regulator application rates on barleys to reduce crop stress at the time of application was the right thing to have done.

    Fortunately, as I write, there is virtually no lodging to be seen, apart from the odd overlap.

    This story may change however with the thunderstorms which are forecast as this piece goes to press.